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The company Medaki is a young and dynamic company, which was founded in 1991 in the Republic of Serbia in Novi Pazar.

Defining own business desires through a philosophy of life and love for all that is good and positive, Medaki company makes the decision to launch the brand EXIT and positioning it as the most attractive domestic brand in the production of knitwear and garments for adults and children.

EXIT brand has developed successfully since its establishment.

After many years of successful individual production of knitwear and garments for adults and children, owners of Medaki company with few friends decided to set up to Exit group in order to unite their business, plans and friendship uniting the offer that will continue to be more and more versatile.

After the founding of Exit Group, the brand EXIT completes the collection with adult and children's shoes on the basis of such a diverse assortment of collection and became one of the leaders in the region with over 210 resellers.


Mission of EXIT brand is completely oriented for satisfying the needs of the customer.

Following the world fashion trends, creating clothes and shoes which is worn with love and ease, paying attention to every detail, EXIT with game of patterns and colors wins in the best way at every opportunity.

Quality of materials, great design and love for the brand EXIT, feels in every piece of clothing that comes in front of our customers.

We are happy to have the opportunity to complete the shopping experience with EXIT offer, and prepare the ultimate pleasure in combining materials and identical model for the whole family.


Moto, EXIT it's only one, is best reflection of our vision of the mission for which we have chosen. In our business policy, there is only one route without deviations.